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Well that was one of the nicest legs we have traveled so far on this tip.   It wasn’t fast (because of our concern for the manifold) but it was relaxing.   With only 60 miles to San Diego we are thinking we have this on licked.

Our location today is Marina Coral.  We were met by the security guards last night around midnight and tied up into a nice double finger berth.   This morning we have been met by more security guards and a couple of neighbors so if worst case scenario’s happened we would be happy to hang out here for a while.   Unfortunately we have checked out of the country already so I am sure that Mexico is ready to expel us if they even find out we are here

Will update later with out finds on a new manifold (custom or sent from Washington), any legal issues we have deal with and perhaps a couple of more pictures.  For now it is off to breakfast and the marina office.