//WL2K Makin’ Steam, Salt Crystals and a bit of headway.

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All is well this morning. Our little Miracle in a Box may have given the old gal a bit more life and we are chugging along at 4.5 knots and we will be passing our nemisis Punta Colnett in the next hour. We are looking for landfall in Ensenada about 2 AM this coming morning, October 10, 2013. Although things look ok with just some minor leaking and steaming around the manifold fix area we may just stop in Ensenada for a week to effect real repairs. We do have a line on a new manifold from Blue Ridge Marine in Washington. We haven’t worked out the details but if we can get internet or cell coverage this afternoon we will try to seal the deal on that. Bill’s guess is it will take about 3 hours to make the replacement, plus another $1,000 U.S. On the hurricane front, hurricane Octave has hit Magdelena Bay and should be harassing Conception Bay a bit later this afternoon, very similar to hurricane Paul last year (See our October 2012 reports on how that fun factor pegged).