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Into the Sunset:  Beyond Reasons slide show on You Tube.  This show is approximately 8 minutes long.  A slide show put to music which covers some of our time along the California coast and the Sea of Cortez.


Beyond Reason Archives:  This was the original Beyond Reason Page from 2007 – 2010.   The content was getting large so we had to add an extra site.  This link takes you to the “old” site.

Lisa and Bills Great Big ride:  This is the video of our flight though the Misty Fjords of Ketchikan Alaska on board a DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver during 2011.  We had originally posted this video on Youtube, but when they required us to change the music to their own studio junk, we decided to repost on Veoh.   Enjoy the roar of the 9 cylinder Pratt and Whitney radial engine.


Tractor Pull:  In this short video you will see how the boat is launched in Mexico.   Notice that since the water was not exceptionally high that a tether (steel cable) was actually attached to the trailer to let it slide further into the water than the tractor would have been able to go.  The trailer is a 60′ hydraulic unit made in the USA.


Another Day, Another Dolphin: This is a couple of snippets of our sailing along Baja California.  You will not only see some sailing “action” but also dolphins and a surprise visit by a mother whale shark and babies.


Shark Bite: This is just a real short video that perhaps we should not have even put up due to the length and quality.  It shows Lisa doing a little swimming with a 20 foot Whale Shark near La Mona Cove in Bahia de Los Angeles.


Beach Party Uke’s:  Here is your chance to view an upcoming band in the remote location of San Juanico (they need to be really remote).   Don’t judge unless you play better on these instruments than we do.


The Roy Orbishark Show: This is a video of the 140th staging of the Roy Orbishark Show.   Of  course Lisa and I got involved or else we wouldn’t post it here.   Some people will like it, others will wonder why they are watching it and some might even be a little offended if they look real close at what is happening.   The video is about 25 minutes so it will take time to load.   Click the link then go make some popcorn while it loads.


Entertainment, Santiago style: While hanging out in Santiago, Mexico, we filmed this little snippet of entertainment.   Not very long but fun just the same.


The Lisa Chronicles:  This is a 10 minute video of diving clips that our friends Terry and Dawn took of Lisa diving off Carmen Island.   The dive was fun and although some animals were hurt, Lisa’s pride took the biggest hit.


Let there be Uke:  Ever wonder what Bill does when he gets bored?  Here is your chance to see how he passes his time when Lisa is away shopping.


Air of our waves: Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles.  Add clear water, Moray Eels and spooge spitting Sea Cucumbers and you have one of our favorite videos.


Friends of Flipper:  Incredible footage taken from the dinghy of dolphins swimming and daringly bumping the bottom of the boat with the engine screaming along at almost 6,500 rpms just a foot behind them.


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