//WL2K All quite on watch

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A billion and three. It helps to have a really clear Baja night, but there you have it. The pundits all said there were one billion stars in the sky. If you live in the city you stand a better chance of counting stars since there are only a limited number you will see, but here on the Baja side of Mexico we are pretty sure you can see them all.

Having a little over 48 hours in travel times helps a lot as you have plenty of time to count stars between ship sightings (1), dolphin sightings (1) and sunsets (2). So far the trip has been pretty painless. We have sailed all but 4 hours of the trip. Our speed has been moderate at about a 5 knot average. Of our 6 crossings of the Sea of Cortez this has been the most unremarkable one yet. We have caught one fish and seen little of nothing up till now, heck, even now we have completely pool flat seas, no wind and nothing on the horizon.

We plan to pull into Isla San Francisco about 5pm tomorrow evening. Distance traveled will be something close to 250 miles. If we are lucky we will get a bit of wind around the time the moon makes it appearance tonight and be able to shut down the diesel again for a bit a piece and quite. It helps us both sleep while on watch when the engine is quite.

San Francisco Island should be a nice reintroduction to sea with its white beaches, clear water and hook shaped anchorage. It might be one of the most photographed anchorages in the Baja and is in one of the most beautiful areas on this side of the peninsula, we are looking forward to it almost as much as Sparky. No pictures today.