Another week gone

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Another week is passing us by.  Lisa has been up North hanging out with our daughter and her new grandson Parker.   She will be heading home today after making another Grand Stop at the boy’s house to visit the rest of the grandsons that we have in the family; Shane and Levi.   Bill claims he misses Lisa being gone and Lisa is not sure if he misses her or if he is just pining for the days when she was gone.

Miguel Contu Ukes

Miguel, master woodworker

We move into a more permanent marina at the end of the month which has made us both a bit happier.  Fortman marina is a nice place to stay but somehow the clientele there is just not as party centric as we would like.   It really is rare to find anyone who just wants to stop and chat, but perhaps that is just par for the Bay Area and soon we will find that it is just as pervasive everywhere in California.

Bill is still having trouble adjusting to the new “No Bags given” rules that we discovered at all the grocery stores.   To make up for it he is asking for plastic bags at the hardware store even when he buys just one screw to make up for it.  He always takes on the big challenges, but at least we have garbage bags on board now.  We are still not sure why the rules only affect grocery stores and places like Nieman Marcus, but if the rest of San Francisco wants to crumple their new Armani suits into a canvass bag we are OK with it, we just aren’t going to buy any fancy suits.

If you have a couple of minutes you could browse over to the Dudes View and see what Bill’s latest entry is all about.   Most of you are stuck inside anyway because of the cold and if you are working you know the boss doesn’t really mind, have her drop a note to us if she does.  Besides there are no pictures this time so she won’t know if you are reading a technical document or something really interesting.

Anita, Silvios daughter com

The Luthier’s daughter: Anita

On the Ukulele front, Bill’s adopted family continues to put some nice touches on his new Coco Uke.  Kevin at Nica Tiki keeps us up to date on both the business and the Uke.  When you see the finished product you will be amazed that these Ukuleles are produced in what many of us would consider a one room shack.   The company is growing though and there are plans to build special humidifying rooms and other control factors into the process of producing these beautiful instruments.  Nica Tiki Ukuleles are selling in many of the top rated Guitar and Ukulele shops around the country and have received great reviews form almost all of the shops.  If you are out and about, stop into your local store and ask about them.   What you won’t find, at least today is one like Bill’s.

We know that the worst of the winter storms are still in front of us, but the days are getting noticeably longer and brighter already, so spring must be just around the corner, or perhaps the one after that.  We hope to get out on the bay soon but until then we will keep the heater burning and the boat cabin set at a nice comfortable 80 degrees.