Hello L.A., good-bye San Diego

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Well we came up a bit short today.   It seems that somebody forgot to get fuel when they came into San Diego and delayed it again until we left this morning at 7 AM.   HE apparently thought we had full tanks till somebody else reminded him that he had only put in a maximum of 36 gallons of fuel since we left Turtle Bay, perhaps 400 miles ago..hmm, guess we ain’t makin’ it to San Francisco on this tank fill.


So we are pulling into Dana Point.   Had we announced it weeks ago that we would be here we no doubt would have had friends from all over come by and drink up all our beer.  As it is, we are here at 8 PM, and the only one waiting will be the security guard who will tell us to pick up after our pet.   We do plan to be back on the road by 8 AM in the morning trying to regain the distance we had planned to cover this evening.  If all goes well we will be looking at Ventura tomorrow evening and eyeing Point Conception by Monday morning.   The plan is to pull into San Luis or Morro Bay by Monday night and check the weather for the last big trip we will take in a while, Point Sur, but we are getting way ahead of ourselves.


P1020699Today was the birthday of our latest child.   Bill’s Ukulele from Nicaragua was born today and we are looking forward to it’s delivery in a couple of weeks.   As you can see by the picture, the Uke is something special and Bill and the makers have been talking for quite a while so it has been a great day.


We will update as we can.  The engine has run nicely all day.  We continue to baby it, and will do so till we get much closer to home.  We still have another 400 miles to cover, so Bill is thinking we can do it in one stop.  Lisa on the other hand thinks we should stop a bit more often and fill the tanks.   There is a lot of distance between some of the gas stations and she doesn’t want to take any chances.