Fire for effect

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healthy engine comWell, she fired up and ran like the champ she is.  The engine is back together and with only a little added work it appears to be ready for another five hundred miles give or take.   Bill did have to call in a lifeline today.   He didn’t ask the audience but instead asked his favorite engineer a question about an ill fitting part.  Turns out his big brother John had just the right amount of “check the inside dimensions and if they are between .912 inches and 1.05 inches you should do this”, and when all else fails “take it to home depot” and check the part sizes there.  The faulty issue was a pipe threading on the manifold and within 30 minutes of the conversation Bill had dismantled everything that was done last night and had the manifold jetting across the water and over to Harrison Marine.   Seems Steve at Harrison has a soft  spot for Bill and was willing to adjust the tapping that Chrysler had done to make our parts fit the manifold.  Total cost $20.  From there things came together nicely and with the exception of a small drip on the back side of the manifold everything was pretty spiffy.   The drip was quelled by putting a bit more torque on the 4 nuts that held the gaskets in place.

We ran the engine for a bit to heat it up and all appears well.  Our departure time is early tomorrow morning with a destination of Ventura.

While all this was going on Lisa was busy pounding out an update that can be read on the Chick’s Version.  She always has a different point of view so take a look when the boss is at lunch, heck you are making enough to go out to lunch anyway so what else would you do.