//WL2K Not calm, not smooth, this must be the spot.

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If it wasn’t blowing 27 knots we would never believe we were coming into an anchorage. We don’t know what the deal is but ever since we left the Sea of Cortez we have yet to find an anchorage that welcomes you with flat water and light winds, San Quintin is no exception. Our guidebook shows this anchorage as 50 miles North of Fondeadaro San Carlos, hmmm. We traveled 70 miles today, our departure time was about 3:30 AM and arrival was just after 7 PM. It didn’t help that we clogged the prop up with kelp ropes somewhere along the line and we didn’t notice it till we were 10 miles from the anchorage. We eventually cleared most of it after Lisa nagged Bill to a boil-over point to backdown yet again. This last bit of encouragement had Bill backing the engine to try to clip the kelp at near redline. It is amazing what a good temper will do for you as it did the trick. Between Lisa’s insistence and Bills impatience with all things that don’t meet his primary directive of Speed, Accuracy and Safety, they got the prop spinning freely and the boat nearly on plane as they sped along to beat the retreating light of day. We are anchored now in Bahia San Quintin and will remain till at least tomorrow night before sticking our noses out again and running the 60 miles to Punta Colnet or the 110 miles to Ensenada. Time for bed.