//WL2K Trip report

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We figured we better put in a quick update about our crossing from Isla Cedros to Fondaedero San Carlos. Unfortunately we have to keep these Ham updates short or they get truncated. Since we made the trip mostly at night and beings as there was a lot of overcast last night the trip was pretty boring. We were supposed to be able to see Venus, The Moon, Mars and perhaps even some new and yet unnamed planet last night but all we saw were clouds. For the most of the trip we had smaller seas and 15 knot winds. Around 3 AM the winds kicked up to the mid 20’s and the seas filled in to what we had hope they would not which was between 6 and 9 feet at about 10 seconds and we had a brief rain-squall. It sounds worse that it actually was and we maintained good speed though most of it. Our oil leak never stopped but when we checked it here in the anchorage we lost an undetectable amount of oil so we will most likely let it go till Ensenada. We have all the parts but breaking stuff that works is one of Bill qualities and so we might be best just to live with it. It took 17 hours to transit the roughly 80 miles last night. We have about 50 miles to go to San Quintin, another 100 to Ensenada and then 66 or so to make San Diego, that’s a long day trip, and overnight and a Whoopie we are back to the land of plenty sail for us. Shouldn’t take us much more than a month to complete.