Plodding along

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We left Cabo this morning.  We felt better about staying in Cabo this time than the couple of times we have stopped there before.  We think it is because we are now able to overlook the glitz and cheesiness of the local tourist area.  We know have the since to not trust the local marina representatives who say that everything is expensive in Cabo and according to at least one, you will spend more in $4 beers at the bar while looking for beer in a store that is cheaper than $38 per case.   As a personal challenge to Bill he was able to find cases of Pacifico for around $20 without even breaking a sweat.


Having committed most of the Captain Jim Elfers book, “the Baja Bash” to memory we took off today.   The predictions were for great weather but even before we left we checked the wind in the anchorage.  According to our new Baja Bible you can take the wind in the anchorage, add 10 to 15 knots to that and have the wind on the outside of Cabo Falso (our current nemesis).  Since we added 10 to the roughly 6 to 8 knots we had inside the anchorage and couldn’t get it to add up to more than 30 knots we took our chances.

According to the paid weather sites we should have seen 14 knots of wind with waves around 3 to 4 feet.  What we got was wind in the high teens and low 20’s and sea to 4’.   According to the Baja Bible we got what was expected and moved forward.

In his book, Jim says that somewhere 10 to 20 miles from Cabo Falso we should start to see things settle in a bit.   Almost to the mile we started to see calmer or more regular seas at about the 10 mile mark.  The wind has dropped a bit this afternoon but not appreciably.  Currently we are seeing mid to high teens, but the boat is accepting these and we are working them to our advantage with the sails.  Tonight called for winds in the single digit.   Neither of us are really believing that will come true, but you never know, we have broken a lot of chicken wish bones over the last couple of weeks.  At least one of them should have worked.

At the moment we have another 120 miles to go.   At the present speed that would get us to Magdalena bay sometime around sunset tomorrow.  We are hoping to pick up a bit of speed if the wind drops but are not counting on it.   If it gets to late tomorrow, say 11 PM we will most likely keep trucking to Bahia Santa Maria which is another 20 miles up the coast.   It will be our next stop after Magdalena most likely anyway, so our options are open.

Hope your commute was a good one.

Position  23’16.792 N, 111’11.614 W

Sent at 3:30 pm Cabo Time