Waiting on Manuel

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White, Red and Yellow are bad colors, Blue and Green are normal rainfall

White, Red and Yellow are bad colors, Blue and Green are normal rainfall

Well the good news is that we are not in some remote anchorage between Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Escondido.   Unfortunately we do have some friends that may be in that situation but we have faith that they will be taking shelter soon.

Hurricane and Tropical Storm Manuel has been a tough one for forecasters.   It started early in the week and has now worked itself up the western Mexican coast and done some pretty extensive damage south of Puerto Vallarta.   The chaos should have stopped there according to the NHS (National Hurricane Service) but we knew better and decided we would stay put here in Cabo for a couple of more days.   Turns out Manuel re-appeared in Puerto Vallarta as a Tropical Depression and was forecasted to fizzle out and just bring some rain to the areas north of there.   My guess is tomorrow there will be new on Mazatlan getting hit with flash floods and other mayhem.

This morning we heard that Manuel would be a Tropical Storm for a while but would again dibble down to a depression by Thursday, wrong again, Manuel is now a hurricane (catagory 1) and looks to be heading straight up the Baja with a bend toward the Mexican mainland.   In my estimation it still looks like it is going home to La Paz.   Being in Cabo we are told to just expect rain.   Cabo is the tip of the Baja for our friends in Winters.  You can see for yourself what is happening and it would not surprise me to see our friend Manuel arrive with gusto here or at Squid Roe up the street.

Currently we have winds that are just topping 15 MPH, so nothing really to write home about, Manuel has winds gusting over 75 MPH now and we will see how he does as he warms up to the sea.   Water temps down here are near 90 degree’s so that should provide a bit of steam for him as he makes his way.

We are still hoping to jump into the Pacific on Sunday but if you watch the NHS page you will notice we have another potential hurricane coming up in the next 5 days.  We will wait and watch, then if the window is right, dash for the boarder.   We love a fast commute, by the way, how was yours?