Duplo Legos are a mature persons Valhalla!

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So one of us is moving on to our middle 50’s and we just need to wonder why the connections from your computer to the camera can’t be made more like Duplo Legos instead of like a science project requiring a telescope, stethoscope or microscope…Really we wear glasses and connecting your computer to your camera requires using your partners glasses placed over your own.  We hate it..


waiting on storm comAll right, Montrose, Sammy Hagar, “Rock Candy”, worlds best upbeat song….We are waiting on Tropical Storm Juliet to come though and even though we are on the most “Hispanic” dock we have ever been on , it is good to hear a little American music….


Currently we are in Marina Cortez.  This used to be called a virtual marina because it didn’t have docks and also because the last marine (Marine Santa Cruz) was destroyed by hurricane Juliet…We are just now waiting for the second coming of Juliet.  I am sure the bible foretold us of the coming but our comprehension is just not that good anymore.   Besides the waiting and preparing we must say the Cortez Marina is the most “Mexican” dock we have ever been at.   At 53’ long we are the smallest boat at the dock.

Typically when we do come in to marinas (reminds us of the commercial about “I don’t usually drink beer but when I do, I drink Dos Equis”). when we do, we often  find ‘70’s music wailing from almost every boat.   Here in the Marina Cortez, almost every boat is blaring some sort of Spanish music, the restaurants are playing Spanish music, even the elevator up to the second floor of the marina shops is playing Spanish music and it feels just like we are in Mexico, we love it!!!


Since 9 am we have been listening to every genre of Spanish or Mexican  music and it has certainly changed our feelings about taking slips in marinas. it has really been a nice change.  Although we typically enjoy each new experience together, here in the marina Lisa has enjoyed the Latino romantico music played by the dock eye candy much more than Bill.


About 10 pm we put the awnings up and strung the additional lines that would keep us tied to the dock.   The rum was flowing pretty well and we even took time to stroll, really we S T R O L L E D down the dock.   Life has a much different flavor and tempo on this dock than any other dock we have been tied too.  After saying Buenas Noches to all our neighbors  and finishing our drinks we returned and finished up preparation for the impeding storm.


Being tied into the marina we are not worried about much.  Many of our friends are still at anchor and we wish them well.  For now we are only worried about tomorrows activities which include draining the transmission which some how developed a salt water leak in the last day or so and then hopefully completing the engine oil drain and refill which will set us up for the trip north.  One purpose and one attitude about returning north is the way we roll.  We hate leaving the Baja and are actually enjoying the weather we have been getting and working through but, “California here we come” is out mantra.


Save room on the interstate for us.