Hurricane Season

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We tried to escape from Escondido earlier this week.   All looked good and we actually progressed about 6 miles south to the Candeleros anchorage when we thought we might as well look at the weather forecast.   The winds all look to be alright but when Lisa read out the state of the waves we figure running to La Paz was not all the important.   The theoretical height of the waves was supposed to be in the 14 foot range and at about 8 seconds.   Even at half the height and the same period that would not be a comfortable trip.   To ease the pain of not moving south we decided to do a bit more diving and then come through on the promise to post our new video (seals and all).

Tonight Tropical Storm Ivo is rolling through the anchorage so we figured it would be a good time to get a bit of homework done before the WiFi antenna at the port office blows over.   The anchorage could be flatter, but the winds have stayed down below 20 knots so far.   The storm is still about 100 miles south and west of us but the predictions show that what we have now will be what we have for the next 24 hours.  We hope the weather predictors are correct.


Sparky made a couple of cameo appearances in the video so look for him amongst all the other creatures.   He was sure proud of his dance moves and wanted to be sure all his friends got a chance to see him.   Lisa is a bit over done in video but being the better half of Bill we thought she should get a bit more camera time.


Our tanks on the boat are filled and we are ready to depart as early as Monday for La Paz.   As usual it will not be an easy departure as there is already rumbling of another storm or hurricane coming up the coast by Friday.    La Paz is an overnight trip for us, so we will look for an appropriate window and let you know when we make the jump.  Till then, check the video out.  It is a tad long (about 10 minutes) so you will have to check the hallways and perhaps the boss’s personal calendar before you use up more of the company “web bandwidth”.   Keep the volume down if somebody is in the next cubicle that you don’t trust.