Mantas and Space Stations

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Flying Manta Rays over OPI – 1

It has been another good week here on the Baja.   The thunderstorms are starting to light up the evening sky each night and we have had two fly-bys of the International Space Station ( during waking hours which is always a treat since it is another reason to toast life and get us out of the boat.   Although we rarely stay up late enough to see them there is even a meteor shower that is beginning to show and will come to it’s zenith sometime around the 11th or 12th of August.   It is nice to be able to watch all that without the interference of artificial light.

The Dude has posted a new blog with a lot of pictures that we have taken over the last week or so.   The Chick is recovering from a big birthday week and hopefully will find the pen soon for another update.  Sparky is enjoying the more temperate weather that we have had and often needs to come in and sit beside the warm exhaust air of the refrigerator to keep his old bones for stiffening but claims it is much better than last years summer in the Northern Sea.

We are looking forward to more diving with Terry and Dawn this week and one last get together with our “Mid-Sea” friends before we head south for La Paz in the next week or two.

If you get a chance you might want to track the space station to your location.   It is very bright and fairly easy to see when it comes across.  If you happen to be in the desert, hills or in a dark park (I know some of our friends are lurking there) the viewing will be even easier to see.

Enjoy another week of work.