//WL2K Moving a little west

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We left Armpit Cove today after 3 days. We can’t say it is one of our favorite places since there is really no beach there but the adjoining coves, La Lancha and V Cove both have sand if the need for beaches comes up. What it did offer was good protection from wrap around waves which V Cove is subject to and La Lancha inundated with, a great natural food store which has easy check in and check out for almost all of our needs and some pretty good diving as well. It is not as picturesque as coves on our A-list, but really the more we write about it the more we like the place.

Bill has some great video to share later this week so stay tuned. To make things even better the Chick has tossed off the covers and has written up a nice addition to A Chicks Version which we will post as soon as the internet improves.

We are on the move now so keeping this update short.  Enjoy your last day before returning to the daily grind and commute.