A little frustrated with the small stuff

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webpage doradoOK first off we are not really frustrated.   We use Ham radio all the time and are still amazed that when you can’t get cell phone service and there are no towns for over 100 miles we can still connect to people via our radio.   Along with the personal connections we can send email to our friends and occasionally update our blog here.   On other occasions you get to see that we are thinking of you but the whole message does not come through, oh well perhaps someday they will come up with something that works over the airwaves like magic and everyone will have a small hand held device to connect with others in a simple fashion.  Fat chance.

So we have updated the below blog.  It is a bit out of date but as with most of our writings, never out of style.

The girl on board has been happily slaying fish on a daily basis.   We have so much Mahi Mahi, or Dorado in the freezer that we are actually using the fish as cold sinks to keep the temperature even in the box.  Lisa couldn’t be happier and Bill wants a new fillet knife.

We are currently on the hook at Isla Coronado enjoying the water while we have parts on order to repair our auto pilot and water maker.    Some of the parts are here in Mexico already and waiting for pickup while others are still on order and waiting shipment from the states.  All in due time.

Enjoy the update below, we will get some other postings up in the next couple of days.