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The following is a page that will be moved to the Dudes page when we reach “Internet Land”. The Dude’s page is not for everyone and so we give you this disclaimer. If you are easily amused or have a fun sense of humor you might enjoy the reading. If not you may just want to skip the Home page today and wait for one of our regular updates.

We’ve all heard it, whether it was on this website, a travel brochure or from a friend that traveled to Mexico; “The people are wonderful and warm”. Today we finally realized the translation was ““You should meet my Friend/Sister, she/he has a great personality””.

Time management is one of my specialties. If you have read some of the recent posts you will understand that expedience is something that the Dude tries to excel in and even Lisa can attest to that fact that some of our honeymoon festivities did not make the record books for longevity or rather they may have ““Exceeded time Expectations””. OK, enough of the fun stuff. Today we are talking diesel and propane. We did not need either, but thought since we were in Puerto Escondido, why not top them off.

We are often on a limited time budget but today we figured we could save precious time later by ordering propane when we didn’t need it and had time to wait and also fill our diesel tanks even though we have only used about 30 gallons in the last two weeks of moving 300 miles. I know, 10 miles to the gallon. Well listen smarty pants that includes all the power to facilitate straightening Lisa’s hair, keeping the shower water warm, cooling the milk and bacon in the frig and freezer and providing the power for the entertainment center on board Beyond Reason. If I were the comedian Tosh O, I would say “Suck It”. I am not, so just believe me, it is well worth the mileage, we don’t own a Jetta TDI anymore and we know it.

We ordered Diesel on Saturday and dropped off our propane tanks the same day. Since our itinerary was not tight we suggested that Monday would be a good day for the diesel and since the propane farm was not open on Sunday, Monday would work for the propane as well. Both orders were scheduled to deliver well before noon on Monday. …What do you think happened?

We do a lot of work for others on the Ham and Single Southbound Nets. Actually we do well over our share of work and monitor each net daily and fill in when somebody flakes out. Monday we were in attendance and watched over a couple of nets. When they finished we pulled anchor to hit the fuel dock so that we could top off the tanks. No Dice, Three power boats had just tied up and even though we had ordered fuel 2 days previous, they were first in line.

We dropped anchor in the bay near the dock to wait. Lisa suggested we dinghy over to the fuel dock and confirm our order. The man at the dock had a very nice “”Personality”” and was exceptionally “warm and understanding” while we called in our order for fuel (previously ordered). He also confirmed that there would be a $34 tax since we were 43 feet long! OK, good looking or not, there is no personality that is worth $34 for 40 gallons of diesel, Sheryl Teigs or not.

We complained, we pleaded and then were sent by the overly nice guy at the fuel dock to the main office to have it all explained again. Did we say “Nice Personality”?

At the main office we were informed that the tax was correct, but when we explained that we would broadcast the taxing over the Ham and Single Sideband nets, the manager said if we could fuel within 1 hour, it was “Gratis”/ free, we were happy: Kind of I mean. We left smiling thinking that we had found a loop hole and soon we would have our propane (by noon) and our fuel (by 10 or noon, which ever came first). Ha.

At noon we checked on the propane. Having sat in the harbor outside the fuel dock for three hours waiting for somebody to show up, we figured we might as well check to see if the proprietor of the local grocery store showed up with our tanks…. Of course the answer was a courteous “No”…! “Pedro will show up at around 3 pm “unfortunately and we know you understand” he had an appointment today”. Terrific, how about diesel,… Nothing. Everyone continued to smile and remind us how soon stuff would start to arrive.. At 3 PM we were still watching the three power boats tied up to the fuel dock. They were loading ice and drinks but no diesel. Actually there had been no activity on the fuel dock all day so far. Oh you ask, “What about the guy in the grocery store with the propane bottle”, nothing. Apparently he was 1 hour late but surely would arrive at 4 PM, “”You understand correct””. Prrrumph!

Around 4 PM we saw movement at the grocery store. Our propane had arrived. The three powerboats still sat idling at the fuel dock, no fuel in sight. We snagged the propane from the purveyor of the groceries and high tailed it to the boat. As far as we could see we had wasted an entire day of “Manana time” waiting for fuel when we could have been enjoying Margaritas on the deck in some secluded anchorage. The nice people of Mexico had made our wait pleasant enough but looking back at the photo’s of the our date with the “personality packed step sister of a friend”, I am not so sure I really had fun nor am I willing to try it a second time. If I have to schlep fuel from Loreto to the dinghy dock, I will do that, next time.