Leaving the land of Mañana

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Got to ask the question: Is that a Negrito on your knee or are you just happy to see me?

Mexico is so startling at times (see picture, who would ever think of using both Spanish language and English in the same primary packaging label..ie Multi Pack/4 piezas), cutting edge at other times (Internet Kiosks in the park) and always beautiful in some way.   We are departing Mazatlan today (or maybe tomorrow depending on if the mechanic shows up today).   In any event this will be the last posting that will have pictures in it for a while.   We hope to be gone for about 2 – 3 weeks enjoying the fun times that the Baja has to offer.    The crossing will take us about 240 miles or 70 plus hours if we sail the whole distance.  When the rum or beer runs low we will most likely go into Puerto Escondido harbor near Loreto.    We plan to make Loreto our home for the next couple of months and do some intensive exploring around the island groups in that area.


On the website front, we had some free time yesterday and put together a small montage of photos that we took last season in the Baja.   If you are comparing “Smiles per Mile” you will be able to tell from the pictures that Baja is the best value around.  

Enjoy the “slide-show” if you have some time.   Keep an eye out for updates that start with “W2LK” as these are being sent from Ham Radio because there is no telephone, internet or other social media to communicate with.


Have a great commute.