Hard Times

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We had quite an experience this week while pulling the boat from the sea to get the new bottom paint applied.  The dude has ordered a couple of choice words around the subject if you care to take a look in the Dudes View.

What the dude failed to mention was that we lost our bow thruster during the maneuvers to get the boat lined up for the lifting.   To everyone’s surprise including his own, he backed our big barge between the fingers of  the wharf with no trouble what so ever.  It is nice to know that even without float shoes, the dude can sometimes still walk on water.

After a day of discovery and a little help from Mazatlan Marine Supply, we found that many of our high amperage draw wire connections had loosened over the years in Mexico.  The results lead to the bow thruster not getting quite enough juice to turn the propeller that pushes the front end of our Ark around.   Note to selves, check the electrical connections even when you or your husband believe they have been tighten to German Specs; i.e. “Goottentight”.


Aside from the Thruster and paint we have also hired Grupo Naval Mar de Cortez to rebuild our seawater pump.   The parts have been located in Mexico and we are expecting the installation tomorrow AM.   So far this looks like a perfect haul-out; at least as far as time and money is concerned.


Sparky has been under the Sparky is sick comweather lately.   It is almost a typical occurrence with him when we come into any large city.  We took him to the vet today via taxi, it was a luxury for all of us as the driver immediately told us to roll up the windows.  He must have just gotten the taxi out of the shop because in all our years roaming Mexico we have never had air conditioning in anything with wheels.

The doc put Sparky on double anti-biotic and eye drops for the next week or so leaving the little man a bit dejected but that was short lived.   He is such a drama king and immediately after leaving the Pet Vet, Sparky began strutting around. We were not sure if he was celebrating the attention he got, just happy to be out of the vets’ office or had been faking the illness all along and was trying to tell us he didn’t need the medicine after all.   To his dismay he will be getting the oral injection of liquid cure twice a day for the next 12 days.


We have about another week here in Mazatlan then hope to skip another 200 – 300 miles across the sea and back into the Baja.   We will see how close we come to staying on schedule.