//WL2K /So long to Puerto Vallarta

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Beyond Reason has left the port of Puerto Vallarta and the area of La Cruz and is bound for Mazatlan. We will take about 5 days to make the transit. It is not that long of a passage but we want to stop in the towns of Jaltemba and San Blas along the way. Each stop is only about 30 miles from the next so it will make for a nice daily hop and cocktail along the way.

We have confirmed our haul-out in Mazatlan so within the next two weeks we should have a new bottom color and be ready for another season in the Sea of Cortez. As American citizens we are not sure if we are bound by all the laws of the United States when we are in foreign countries but you know we do our best to behave, “we’re not good, but not that bad either”.

Anyway we are working on a story about an event we attended on Sunday night. We have the photos and everything but not the internet to publish the entire thing till we get to Mazatlan. Stay tuned. It is not only educational but entertaining as well. In the mean time if you haven’t stumbled over to the Dudes View in a week or so you might want to check out that page. Heck, you’re wasting time reading this, may as well complete the job in grand style.