//WL2K /Making way

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We are just completing the first 40 miles of our planned 280 mile trip to Mazatlan. In route we have planned stops in Chamela (just 10 miles ahead), Puerto Vallarta or Punta Mita (another 100 miles from our current position), Jaltemba or Chacala (about 160 miles from us now) and finally Mazatlan. In Mazatlan we plan to have the bottom of the boat painted prior to hoping over to the Baja side of the Sea of Cortez.

Today’s trip has been without any real issues so far. We did notice that our raw water pump has started to weep so we will look to repair that in Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlan depending on if the “weep” turns into a leak sooner than later. Winds and waves have been mostly out of the north with swells about 4 feet (fairly small) and wind at about 8 knots. We have sails up but they are more of an assist today as the motor is pushing us at perhaps 5 knots and the sails are providing an additional knot or so. Will check in tomorrow with any exciting developments.

Lisa did see a turtle today with a seagull as a passenger; Bill has been more worried about mechanical stuff breaking so has had his eyes on the gauges all morning. Of course this does two things for him: One, he gets out of making breakfast and doing dishes; two, he has beer brought to him all day because it is such a daunting task. No traffic on the water ways so it has been a good commute today. Hope yours went well.