Not quite Billions and Billions served

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10,000 hits.  10000 hits celibration comFor our friends in Winters, that means people have visited our website more than 10,000 times.   We know  it is kind of a ridiculous milestone but what else are we going to do while living in Paradise.  We thought we would put this into perspective for you.

10,000 hits on a blog is really nothing new but when you compare it to the Record of Baseball, 10,000 hits is quite a bit.   Pete Rose and Ty Cobb did not get 10,000 hits combined in 48 total years of playing the game (8445 hits actually).   Muhammad Ali who has won rounds of Boxing with just a single hit, threw perhaps 6,500 punches at best in his 61 total fights.   Even Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley combined could only come up with 64 top 10 hits in their careers. Perhaps we are not so bad after all.

With all the writing we have done and all the reading that you might have done we decided that perhaps you needed to be reminded that in our combined blogs we have strung together a little more than 214,000 words.   The Oxford dictionary is credited with 220,000 so we figure there is still more to be said and some words that we have not used yet.   Wondering what 214,000 words look like, well we can help.

The average American reader plods along at about 250 words per minute. This means if you tried to read the blog straight through you would have to do so on your boss’ dime for 2 full uninterrupted shifts or 14.2 hours.   Not bad for a waste of time.   If you need a little more exercise we write the blog in 15 point Verdana, if you assume that the average word is 6 letters (5 letters and a space) and lined them all up together, you come up with just short of 4.5 miles of words.   Now that is a little short of going around the world but it is a nice morning walk.   While we are talking about reading, the average book on the shelf is roughly 64,000 words, I doubt we could divide our blog and make 4 books out of it, but if you purchased those books on line for your Kindle at $0.00 per book you would certainly get your money’s worth.   We just purchased 4 books for the same price and we are sure to get every penny of enjoyment from them.

If you didn’t know, we have added a number of extra features to the blog over the last year.  Did you know that some posts if opened up contain a hidden map of where we are?   Have you viewed our videos from the site?  The right hand column contains a number of features to include videos.  Have you used the search feature at the top of the page?  It’s all there.  We are trying to keep the blog uncomplicated but sometimes we can’t help ourselves.  If you are on Facebook or any of the other social media we have even added icons to help you share with friends.

We could blather on about more of the blogs highlight but will leave you to your work.  We can tell you that although Lisa and Bill take most of the credit, Sparky himself has written almost 18,000 words and is the most requested writer when we meet up with people who have checked us out.

Enjoy your commute, 10,000 hits thanks to you.