//WL2K /So long to Puerto Vallarta

Beyond Reason has left the port of Puerto Vallarta and the area of La Cruz and is bound for Mazatlan. We will take about 5 days to make the transit. It is not that long of a passage but we want to stop in the towns of Jaltemba and San Blas along the way. Each stop is only about 30 miles from the next so it will make for a nice daily hop and cocktail along the way.

We have confirmed our haul-out in Mazatlan so within the next two weeks we should have a new bottom color and be ready for another season in the Sea of Cortez. As American citizens we are not sure if we are bound by all the laws of the United States when we are in foreign countries but you know we do our best to behave, “we’re not good, but not that bad either”.

Anyway we are working on a story about an event we attended on Sunday night. We have the photos and everything but not the internet to publish the entire thing till we get to Mazatlan. Stay tuned. It is not only educational but entertaining as well. In the mean time if you haven’t stumbled over to the Dudes View in a week or so you might want to check out that page. Heck, you’re wasting time reading this, may as well complete the job in grand style.

Not the land of the free

Our water woes or all but over now.  PV area com We recovered the replacement parts today from Zaragossa Marine fur just slightly less than we had anticipated.   Actually we did not find the correct pump but they did have a repair kit.  Total cost was about $140 dollar U.S.   The cost for the new pump in the U.S. would have been much less as we told you yesterday, but then again it is not the land of the free.

On the plus side of today are the Adobada sandwiches that we are having.   Pulled marinated pork on 12″ sourdough bread.   Subway should really consider these.   Total cost of the sandwich, $3 U.S., not bad but it will take a number of these before we can recover from the cost of the pump parts.

Lisa has updated the Chicks Version and if you didn’t get a chance to look at Sparky’s birthday celebration you might want to drift that way as well.  Bill has been either driving the boat, fixing parts or sleeping so nothing new with the Dude.

Enjoy your free time and when you go to pick up peanut butter at the grocery store on Friday, remember, it is so expensive in Mexico that it is often kept in a locked glass cabinet similar to those you see at diamond shops.


//WL2K /Setting the hook!

Patricia Bell at anchor comAh Puerto Vallarta! The area that so many young lovers come to spend their first nights together as married couples, one of the last destinations in Mexico that has not been closed off to American tourists on cruise ships, the land of $1 margaritas and the one of the windiest places we know to anchor north of Zihuatanejo. We had forgotten this last little piece of information when we decided that we would stop in for a little rest this morning.

Of course the trip went along with just the bare minimum of issues and when we arrived there was little wind and everything appeared just beautiful. It is now cocktail hour and the chances of watching the sunset without a wind breaker and ski goggles are looking pretty slim. One bit of good news is that the anchor is holding well and does not seem to be slipping at this time. As for casualties at sea the only real trouble we had was that we lost the water pump.

We were concerned that we might actually lose the raw water pump for the main engine. It has just started to weep water from the bottom of the pump but replacement in Barra de Navidad did not seem like a good option so we departed anyway. To tell the truth the water pump we lost was the house water pump that draws water from our 120 gallon storage tanks. The good news is that the loss of the electric pump spurred Bill into fixing the manually operated foot pump which has been out of commission for a good year now. Additionally who really needs water when we have over 2 cases of good beer aboard that is absolutely chilled. Since we motored most of the way north we are at no loss for power so the ice cubes are frozen, the bath water (which Lisa can’t use because the pump is out of commission) is very hot and all the electronic gizmos we use are charged and ready for use.

We have already contacted the Seatec Marine to recheck the rigging they installed in December. There is nothing wrong that we can see but we wanted to do a quick check since we were in the area. Additionally SeaTec seems interested in dealing with us on the bottom painting that we will ultimately have to do when we arrive in Mazatlan next week. We will see what Peter comes up with.

For now we are content to be anchored and resting. Tomorrow we will jump on a bus and head to town and the most expensive marine chandlery (boat shop) we have ever encountered. We are not sure what the new water pump will cost but back home it would be in the neighborhood of $68. Our guess is tomorrow we will come home missing about $200 from our pockets but with the promise of hot showers for everyone.

//WL2K /Making way

We are just completing the first 40 miles of our planned 280 mile trip to Mazatlan. In route we have planned stops in Chamela (just 10 miles ahead), Puerto Vallarta or Punta Mita (another 100 miles from our current position), Jaltemba or Chacala (about 160 miles from us now) and finally Mazatlan. In Mazatlan we plan to have the bottom of the boat painted prior to hoping over to the Baja side of the Sea of Cortez.

Today’s trip has been without any real issues so far. We did notice that our raw water pump has started to weep so we will look to repair that in Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlan depending on if the “weep” turns into a leak sooner than later. Winds and waves have been mostly out of the north with swells about 4 feet (fairly small) and wind at about 8 knots. We have sails up but they are more of an assist today as the motor is pushing us at perhaps 5 knots and the sails are providing an additional knot or so. Will check in tomorrow with any exciting developments.

Lisa did see a turtle today with a seagull as a passenger; Bill has been more worried about mechanical stuff breaking so has had his eyes on the gauges all morning. Of course this does two things for him: One, he gets out of making breakfast and doing dishes; two, he has beer brought to him all day because it is such a daunting task. No traffic on the water ways so it has been a good commute today. Hope yours went well.

Sparky’s Birthday

This posting is a day late for Sparky’s official birthday but we did want to bring to you attention that the dog has spoken and put another installment of his thoughts up on his page.   In addition to his big day we asked With the Fighting Irish comour friends on Fighting Irish to drop on by with their pup so he would have a friend to play with.   We don’t have any pictures yet but there is bound to be a meet up between the two dogs.


This could be the last update for a couple of days as we will be leaving  Bara on the next weather window which appears to be Monday.   If you have time spend a couple of minutes with the old dog.   It’s Saturday so most of you don’t have to commute to work today or tomorrow.  Enjoy your time off.

Marina life for a change

Barra sign comLisa has returned and with that we decided to move into the marina and give Beyond Reason a well deserved bath.   It has been over 4 months since we were last in a marina and after all the sour waves and dust that we had while down south of Manzanillo the old girl is in bad need of some TLC.   To emphasize just how dirty the boat was we can tell you that the bath has gone on for nearly 3 days now and we are just getting to the polishing part of the clean up.   Of course when we depart in a couple of days for Tenecatita Bay that 14 mile trip will most likely wash away all our efforts and we will once again have a salt spotted boat in need of a fresh water rinse.  With any luck we will finally begin to see some rain, but we are not holding our breath.   Seems the tropical part of Mexico that we are in is experiencing a bit of a drought and we have not seen any measurable rain since around New Years Eve.  Heck, even the humidity has dipped down into the 60%’s and we rarely see even a hint of dew:  Come on rain Gods.


One of the reasons for choosing to stay in the Marina, besides endless warm showers and boat water is the Internet.   The Grand Bay Marina internet signal has shown up on our computers ever since we entered the lagoon here in Barra De Navidad.  Unfortunately at the time it was not strong enough for us to do anything with while in the Lagoon.  Moving to the marina promised to bring free Wi-Fi during our stay, not.   The internet has been down since we arrived at the marina and there is no “Fix” in sight for the foreseeable future.


All in all we are having a good “vacation”.   With no concerns for the anchor dragging, snubber chafing through or panga’s running into us at night.  Such as it is we are whiling away the hours like rich people, drinks in hand and not a care in the world about what time it is or when we will finish the washing.   Certainly that will all come to a halt in the next couple of days as Marina life usually gets to us about day 6 (we are on day 4). So we will enjoy it while we can and then cast off for our trip north back into the Sea of Cortez.


The Dudes View has been updated.  Sundowners at 5 today.  If you’re not commuting come on by.

Does Batman live in San Patricio?

A tree in Bara comIt’s 7:00 in the evening and I am sitting in the boat cabin with all the lights turned off sweating like Louis Zamperini after a 4 minute 1500 meter foot race.   Sadly I am not like him, enjoying the highlights of crowds of people swarming me, television camera poking in my face or any of that fun stuff; I am waiting for the toxic Raid bug coils to kick in and make my inferno of a cabin livable without mosquitoes, no see-ums and what ever other vermin decide to invade my little piece of sweltering paradise, here in Barra de Navidad.


As I reflect on my day today I am not sure if the bug coils are “illuminating” my brain Melaque skim crop com 1or if I actually did and saw what I think I did.   I have pictures of the skim boarders doing stuff we never imagined when I was a kid cutting round shapes out of plywood to try and skid 50 feet across the wet sand of Santa Cruz beach. I also have pictures of the large cave complete with hanging vines that I discovered just behind a Pemex Gas Station.  Actually I am pretty sure I did not Melaque skim boarders comdiscover it since there are Chevy pickup truck tracks deep inside it but I have pictures just the same.


The dancing girls that celebrated my 2 mile walk along the beach to Malaque I am a little foggy on but the Canuk that I met I am sure he was real.   He claimed to be another guy named Bill but you never know with those Canadians, heck half the people in Mexico are called Bill, Guillmo (sp), Memo or some derivative of William.  The other half of course are name Jim…Jaime, whatever.   The Canuk told me that Gringo’s (he actually hesitated when he said it much like you might hesitate calling a dude from Africa, bla…ok Black).   I was surprised since I thought that Canadians were Gringo’s as well but I guess it doesn’t apply to all white guys…hooray I have my own racial epitaph…Gringo, say it loud my brothers!


Anyway, Gringos are low on the list of foreigners according to the Canuk.   It all stems back to our “Weapons Embargo” during the First World War apparently.   Most of us think that Cinco de Mayo was the big day in Mexico.   Of course that was just kicking the silly French out of town and there is barely a mention of it in Mexican history.  15 September is a bigger day and the real Mexican Independence day but apparently when the US decided to blockade Veracruz in 1914 somebody took some umbrage.   I am not really sure if it was the Mexicans or the Canuks but either way there are tons of monuments that have been erected for the war dead during the couple of day battle in 1914 and according to the Canuk that puts US personal in the number three most disliked position just behind the Canadians who are firmly behind the favorites of the Mexican society, the Irish…really.  Andy Runy and what ever that guys name was on Black Stallion that looks like a leprechaun are Mexico’s favorite people.


Following “Memo’s” historical recounting I had another beer.   He said the good thing about the Arms flowing from Germany to the Mexico in 1914 was that some of the Germans stayed and helped to create good beer that you have to add lime to too endure.  I clinked my Corona glass to his.


Don’t think I am a hater here.  I like the Canadians, some are my best friends.   Really I was kind of digging the fact that some people might not think that all of us Americans are loveable, I’m good with that Bad Boy side.


When 3 more Canadians joined our table I remembered that I had to get to the ATM before it closed so I picked up, paid my tab and moved down the street.    I am sure I saw a dually Volkswagen pickup truck made out of a 1970’s VW bus on the way to the Bank but the Raid coils seem to be chasing away most of the mosquitoes now so I am not sure what I am making up and what was real so I will just go on.   The Bank was a small item for me to fulfill, but just outside was the typical gauntlet of amputees, old women and children that Sally Struthers should have helped years ago all wanting my cash.  One amputee spoke good English and had a dog that looked nice so I did part with some change along the way.  The funny thing is that his “donation” jug was an old bottle of Clorox (empty).   I felt a connection and wanted to tell him that as a kindred spirit I too almost lost my legs/life when I added too much Clorox to our water tanks back in Puerto Vallarta (Check the Dudes View in the December Archives).   I don’t know if that was his actual problem but the tie in really helped my part with my 5 pesos.

Opening to cave com

Batman cave com

“Albert, call commissioner Gordon and tell him I am on my way”..

As I began to walk back home I figured I might as well go by the cave site that I mentioned at the top of the post.  I have pictures so I am sure when I tell you now that I believe the cave may very well be that of El Hombre Murcielago, you will believe me.   No that does not mean the guy with the cool Lamborghini, it’s Batman.   There were the tracks in the mud at the end of the cave and perhaps it was not the tracks of some Chevy pickup, but then again, I am burning the coils from both ends so my dosage is twice that approved by the Mexican EPA.


Have a great commute tomorrow, 1 day till the big one.